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        • 發布日期2020-06-13
        • 所屬系列 攝影器材 - 演播室
        • 規格型號
        • 所 在 地廣東 - 深圳市
        • 最小起訂量1
        • 發貨期限
        • 產品詳細

          Instructions for purchasing wholesalers:
          The price of the Internet is only for the customers reference. The actual price is based on the latest quotation of the company.
          Foreign trade mainly to provide OEM to the industry; Internal trade to amazon, EBAY, quick sell and other foreign trade companies and large sellers; Domestic entities and network of strategic agents and jingdong, Tmall, taobao high quality large sellers.


        • 深圳市力影佳攝影器材有限公司
        • 聯系人黃希塔
        • 電話 086--
        • 手機
        • 傳真086--
        • 網址http://lyjsyqc.sheyingqicaim.b2b.biz/
        • 地址深圳市龍崗區平湖街道新木新園工業區12號巧儂大廈3樓
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